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Рарогъ - Сказание пятое. Коляд...
Gorguts - Inoculated Life
Behemoth - Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v.
Napalm Death - Malicious Intent
Dark Storm - For Throne
Frost - The Curse

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Current track: Рарогъ - Сказание пятое. Коляд...
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13.11.2011 - RAWSOUND Promo:
AMONGST THE DECEIT "Tribulations Of Man"
Among the deceit Among the deceit Among the deceit
01. inceptum
02. inferior Lives
03. dark science
04. dawn of the martyr
05. infernal dna
06. dead with open eyes
07. death walks the earth
08. the sadistic impulse
The Austrian Death Metal Entity AMONGST THE DECEIT was formed in Salzburg/Austria in 2008. The two founding members and guitarists Steve and Johan originated from bands with quite different styles. Shortly after writing some material, Martyn (Bass) and Thorn (Vocals) joined the band. Soon it was clear that the music had to be a mixture of all kinds of extreme metal played with the utmost care and passion, a combination of sick blast beats and double bass madness, devastating death/THRASH/black riffs, technical abilty and melodic solos. Things seemed to go well except the not yet occupied position behind the drum kit. After a hard and unsuccessful search for a blast machine the band decided to write their material
first before engaging a pro drummer for the job. As it would later turn out it had been the right decision. With Tom "Sic" Urbanek behind the kit the band was ready to enter the mischmaschine.at studios in Oberalm, Austria to finally record their debut album called "Tribulations of Man".
Website and videoclip to be planned as soon as the record is released.
Total Playing Time 38:16 Min.
recorded mixed and mastered by jakob klingsbigl at mischmaschine.at
guestsolo on "inferior lives and "death walks the earth"
by sigurd (ex-Belphegor)
Cover Artwork by par olofsson
Professional 12 page booklet with all lyrics and bandpic
Line up on this recording:
Steve - lead and Rhythm guitars
Johan - rhythm guitars
Martyn - bass
Thorn - vocals
Tom "sic" urbanek - session drums

For further information or if you are interested to release this album donґt hesitate to contact:
amongstthedeceit@hotmail.com · phone: +43-664-5463964
The Hysteria Nachzehrer Empyrean plague Nasian
The Messenger
Pestilence Hungers in theShadows
Imprint Evidence Destiny
1. Endorphin = 0%
2. The Repentance
3. A Pity Similarity
4. Bullet for Christ
5. The End of the Road to Golgotha
Track listing:
1. The Awakening 4:57
2. Barsarkar-gang 5:43
3. Howling and the Imminent Stench of Decay 4:28
4. Black Order of the Goat 5:27
5. Incestual Demoncy 4:27
6. Atavist 2:36
Track list:
1.Deciphering the Norse Code
2.Imprint Evidence Destiny
3.Northern Allegiance
4.The Spore
5.As the Earth Decays
6.A New Life Has Begun
7.I Built a Bridge...
01. Fletcher-Munson
02. Bellicist
03. Take Me to the Mountain Dew Mountain
04. Mammalian
05. I am Eustache Dauger
Genre - death/math/exp Black metal/black thrash Metal / Black Metal / Progressive Metal Post-Rock/Progressive
http://www.myspace.com/hysteriabrutal DEMONS GATE RECORDS (UK) Archaic North Entertainment Band Contact
  NACHZEHRER Contact    
From:Belarus, Minsk-Vitebsk From:Boston, MA (USA) From: North Bay, ON, CA From: Sheffield, UK

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